Wild Animal Party!

Oh what a wildly fun time we had at our little man's 3rd Birthday Party! At the time he was really into Giraffes and Lions. So we decided to have a Wild Animal Party. The table covers were really fun to make. I bought a roll of paper from the framing section at our local craft store and simply stenciled the animals along the edge. I used a grass table skirt to attach underneath the paper to make it appear as if the animals were walking in the grass. I centered the colors around my favorite serving dishes. Yellow, orange, turquoise and green. I served different animal shaped cheese and jello jigglers along with crackers, strawberries and chips and salsa. The all around favorite was the lion cake.

This was very new to me, as this was the first party for one of our children not at our home. This party was at The Toy Factory! It was a wonderfully simple and EASY party for me, but amazing and fun for all the children! I Highly recommend having a party at The Toy Factory. They are so nice to work with, the toy selection to play with is amazing, and there is something for everyone. The children ranged in age from 1 to 6, and they all found something they enjoyed! We used the private room in back to set up the food and cake. They provide the tables and chairs as well as child sized and very cute tables and chairs for the kiddos. The room is a simple blank canvas, so all themes work beautifully and you don't need much to make it look adorable.

You already know these little favor bags were my favorite part of the party decor!

You can make your party at The Toy Factory even more simple by contacting me to plan and decorate for you!


  1. This is adorable! I love it.

  2. hi dear till date i've seen so many sites on animal birthday party but i must tell u ur favor bags and that table cover ideas were amazing.... lookin forward for some more ideas from u on this theme