Halloween Downloads!

Are you looking for an idea for Halloween cards? Check out these cute and free downloads from Paper Crafts. You can download them, use them as they are or add them to a card design of your own. The possibilities are endless. This is my favorite one!


Lego Party!

The LEGO Party!

I enjoyed planning this fun lego party. I started with fun interactive invitations for the kids!I used a take-out box and pop dots adorned with paper circles to make the invite look like a lego brick. Attached to the outside of the box is a double sided tag. On one side is the invite instructions to build the legos "to decode the details" and on the other side is a picture of how the built legos should look.

Inside the box I put the lego pieces (not yet put together). On each lego piece I put a sticker (made with a label maker) with some of the details. The kids needed to assemble the legos according to the picture on the tag to see the entire party details. As long as they followed the picture colors they would have it all in order! 

The last detail I added was the alphabet beads on the wire handle of the box. I spelled out each child's name that was invited to the party! This was a difficult task and required some tools from my husband's tool box, but it looked really nice and kids just love to have things personalized with their names!


My favorite part of the party was the "Sweet Construction Site" I designed to use as the favors to take home. Each child was given a bag and chose which candies they would like to take home as their favor gift for attending the party.
To detail the Site I made signs and labels and used coordinating paper and ribbons to tie it all together. I stuck with the colors of the party red, yellow, green and blue as my inspiration for the candies used.

The lovely hostess Jacqui had a fabulous idea to lay out a sheet with a huge assortment of legos. The kiddos enjoyed playing and building.

There was also a guess how many legos are in the jar game, the winner took the whole jar and legos home!

I downloaded an assortment of lego pictures to color off the lego website.

I also came prepared with a little red light green light game, who can build the tallest tower in two minutes, and can you build a......etc.

The table was decorated by the beautiful cake that Jacqui's friend made. It looked amazing and tasted delicious! Also on the table were flowers in vases decorated with coordinating papers, a six made out of legos, and the personalized water bottles. I hung paper lanterns over the table and along the window.


The kids all seemed to have a great time!

Thank you to Jacqui and Lincoln for the opportunity to plan this fun party!
I also planned a little craft, I had backpack clips and alphabet beads and the kids strung the beads to spell their names.


Wild Animal Party!

Oh what a wildly fun time we had at our little man's 3rd Birthday Party! At the time he was really into Giraffes and Lions. So we decided to have a Wild Animal Party. The table covers were really fun to make. I bought a roll of paper from the framing section at our local craft store and simply stenciled the animals along the edge. I used a grass table skirt to attach underneath the paper to make it appear as if the animals were walking in the grass. I centered the colors around my favorite serving dishes. Yellow, orange, turquoise and green. I served different animal shaped cheese and jello jigglers along with crackers, strawberries and chips and salsa. The all around favorite was the lion cake.

This was very new to me, as this was the first party for one of our children not at our home. This party was at The Toy Factory! It was a wonderfully simple and EASY party for me, but amazing and fun for all the children! I Highly recommend having a party at The Toy Factory. They are so nice to work with, the toy selection to play with is amazing, and there is something for everyone. The children ranged in age from 1 to 6, and they all found something they enjoyed! We used the private room in back to set up the food and cake. They provide the tables and chairs as well as child sized and very cute tables and chairs for the kiddos. The room is a simple blank canvas, so all themes work beautifully and you don't need much to make it look adorable.

You already know these little favor bags were my favorite part of the party decor!

You can make your party at The Toy Factory even more simple by contacting me to plan and decorate for you!


Giraffe Favor Bags!

I just couldn't wait any longer to post these adorable favor bags I made for my little man's 3rd Birthday! As we were preparing for his "Animal" or "Wild" party I asked him what type of favor bags he wanted and his reply was "Giraffe". I started playing around and this adorable little animal is what was made. I had no punches that would produce these shapes, so I traced and my very sweet hubby helped me cut them all out! It was a fun night of crafting together, we won't ask him how much "fun" he had, but it was so nice to have his help and company! I love love love to make personalized favor bags!!! If you need some let me know. I would be excited to make them!

Awww! They remind me of the party, which was so fun! I will post more pics of the whole party soon.

Back to School Block Party!

OK, so you know how I love a party and I will find any opportunity to have one, well going back to school is no exception :) My idea was a carnival type theme. Have each family come up with a game in their own yard. We would ride our bikes, scooters, etc... to each house, play a game there and "parade" to the next neighbor. We met at our house first to decorate our "ride ons" and then started the parade. Each family did such an amazing job and they were all very creative and fun games! When we were finished with the games, we met back at our house for some snacks, drinks and snow cones! It was a wonderful afternoon. Thank you to all our wonderful neighbors and friends! What should we plan for this month??? My very sweet hubby who is wearing his rain slickers and our daughter's hat. He is holding a target. We originally thought it would be fun for the kids to throw water balloons at the target, but "He" also came up with using the hose. What a good sport. It is really nice to have such a FUN husband. Thanks honey!

The sign... really hard to let my perfectionism rest, but the kids had fun making it.
The bags did spell "Back to School" but the wind was not cooperating!


Lego Party Sneak Peak

"Sweet Construction Site" I sat it up at home to make sure I didn't miss any detail. The signs are my favorite part (shaped like the real ones you see on construction sites).

Sneak Peak Continues!

The water bottles and napkins with a custom label, and the "Thank You" cards.


A New Adventure...

As my little girl goes to her first day of first grade, I thought it fitting for me to start a new adventure today too! This date has a special place in my heart. September 9th is when my handsome hubby proposed! So how appropriate that it be 09/09/09 and we were engaged 9 years ago today! With all that said, I couldn't pass up this day to begin something new. I have been thinking about a blog for all things party for a long time now and today it starts...