Back to School Block Party!

OK, so you know how I love a party and I will find any opportunity to have one, well going back to school is no exception :) My idea was a carnival type theme. Have each family come up with a game in their own yard. We would ride our bikes, scooters, etc... to each house, play a game there and "parade" to the next neighbor. We met at our house first to decorate our "ride ons" and then started the parade. Each family did such an amazing job and they were all very creative and fun games! When we were finished with the games, we met back at our house for some snacks, drinks and snow cones! It was a wonderful afternoon. Thank you to all our wonderful neighbors and friends! What should we plan for this month??? My very sweet hubby who is wearing his rain slickers and our daughter's hat. He is holding a target. We originally thought it would be fun for the kids to throw water balloons at the target, but "He" also came up with using the hose. What a good sport. It is really nice to have such a FUN husband. Thanks honey!

The sign... really hard to let my perfectionism rest, but the kids had fun making it.
The bags did spell "Back to School" but the wind was not cooperating!

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