Kylie's Ice Cream Pool Party!

In June Kylie celebrated her 7th Birthday!

The Ice Cream Pool Party was her idea. Kylie's two most favorite things in the summer are swimming and ice cream. I thought is was adorable that she combined them to make her perfect party!

Kylie chose the color combination and drew for me how she would like the ice cream sundae to look on her invitation. This is what our little collaboration produced!

It was a fantastic party, the weather was great and the guests all seemed to have a wonderful time.

My sweet Kylie it is so hard to believe you are already 7! You are an amazing little girl and I love you so much! XOXOXO Mom :)



Last week I shared my excitement with you that Bakerella was coming to the Cake and Cupcake Camp! I was excited to attend her cakepop class, but now instead of attending the class I will be setting up shop! My very first time as a vendor! I am busily working on my display. I have pulled out all my Halloween decor and I am excited to put it all together. It amazes me how much I can find around my house for a beautiful table display. I have also been working on my Halloween Designs. Here is a sneak peak!

I will share photos as the week goes on. If you are going to be at the event please stop by and say hi :)

Oh and YES,  I am still hoping to meet Bakerella!!!


So Excited!

I opened my email this morning and discovered that I am going to have the chance to meet Bakerella! Yes, I stood up and did the happy dance. In fact, I am still dancing around so excited! Not only am I going to meet her, but I am going to take a cake pop class from her. Yes, you read that right! Bakerella is coming to Oregon and to the Oregon Coast Cake and Cupcake Camp! Along with the class, getting to meet Bakerella and many more fabulous cake and cupcake designers, I am also going to receive the new book by Bakerella "Cake Pops".

I am just thrilled! This is just in time... just in time to be able to make those cute little owl pops for an owl baby shower I am planning and some fun cake pops for the holidays!



Back to School Bookworm Party! {PLUS Free Printables}

With all good intentions and school fast approaching my two little party planning helpers and I sat out to design a back to school party!

We had most of the work and planning done, when just as we were ready to hand out the invites, my little man came down with the stomach flu. Having been through this before... I knew with a family of four, we could count on someone else coming down with the flu too. I didn't know the magic number of days that it would happen, but I knew it would likely happen! I decided not to hand out the invites, as I didn't want to have to cancel if another member of our brood was to be sick.

I looked at the calendar, and just couldn't come up with another date that would work for our family, or the friends and neighbors we would invite. Sadly, I decided to postpone indefinitely the Bookworm Party.

I snapped a few pictures of what we had all ready for the party.

BookWorm Favor Tags!

You can download these bookworm tags here!

These little tags can be used is so many ways! As treat toppers, favor tags, to tie around jars as decoration (pictured above), to make napkin rings, to fancy up the ordinary paper cups, as cupcake toppers, etc, the possibilities are endless :)

BookWorm BookMarks!

The BookWorm BookMarks can be downloaded here!

To make these bookmarks special, I laminated the entire sheet, trimmed them, punched a whole in the top and ran a ribbon through the hole. I had my munchkins string beads on the ribbon to personalize them to their liking!

I intended this to be a craft for the party. I would have the ribbon strung and the kids could then string the beads!

These bookmarks would be fun to hand out to your child's class, or better yet as a healthy alternative for the little tricker treaters that will soon be knocking on the door!

I would love to see pictures of your creations with the BookMarks and Favor Tags!


Back to Blogging!

I am Excited to be back!
School has started, schedules are set and a routine is hopefully to follow...
I look forward to updating the blog with recent party designs.

I enlisted the talents of Marina from Penny Lane Designs to design a new blog look!

 A fresh design for fall!

Brown, pink and orange are my favorite colors right now.

Kylie and I recently redid her room and she chose this color combination.

She loved the colors so much that she also chose them for her 7th birthday party.
 I will post the entire party soon! 

Happy Fall!